Mosquito Control for Your Outdoor Party or Special Event in Pearland, Texas

Your party, barbecue, outdoor wedding, reunion or any other outdoor party should be remembered for the good times, not the mosquitoes. No bride should have to layer on the mosquito repellent on her special day, and the aroma of your backyard feast shouldn’t have to compete with citronella candles. Luckily, Mosquito Joe of Pearland offers mosquito control for your outdoor party!

How do our special event treatments work?

Mosquito Joe can come to your event location in the Fresno area in advance to apply a mosquito barrier spray and ensure that your guests don’t suffer mosquito bites. Dry within 30 minutes and applied well before food is prepared, special event sprays provide protection throughout the day, from setup to the last dance – giving you less details to worry about.

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